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Saturday, October 02, 2004

More missing questions from the debate

While Iraq is obviously of the utmost importance in terms of foreign policy, and time is necessarily limited by the format, there are some [related] questions that need to be addressed by both candidates, and that were not asked at the debate.

Citizen's Media Watch invited question submissions prior to the debate, and delivered all submissions to the moderator for consideration. Here are just a few that ought to have been addressed:

"Senator Kerry: Mr. Kerry, if elected president, what kind of position will you take on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict? Is peaceful resolution possible?"

"Senator Kerry: When will you (or anyone in our government) acknowledge the role our unilateral support of Israel plays in the Middle East conflict and more importantly for American citizens, our homeland security? Why does it seem impossible for anyone in our government to accept that the nation of Islam will continue to fight us as long as we arm and support their enemy?"

"President Bush: Polls show that many Americans believe you and your cabinet have created foreign ill-will and thus created more terrorists not less. How do you respond to those charges?"

"President Bush: You have said that the war in Iraq is about deposing a dictatorial regime and spreading democracy across the Middle East. Why did you not try by peaceful means to depose repressive regimes and spread democracy to Saudi Arabia, Libya, Egypt or other Middle Eastern countries before launching the Iraq war or since launching it?"

(Feel free to suggest you own questions, on any issue, in the COMMENTS sections.)


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