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Saturday, June 30, 2007

"SPIN: The Art of Selling War"


Directed by Josh Rushing, a veteran Marine Corps media spokesman, "SPIN: The Art of Selling War" is an investigative documentary that looks at the standard justification for going to war by the American administrations of past and present.

(Rushing, who was sort of the 'main character' of the documentary "Control Room", experienced a transformation of sorts since the Iraq war. He now works for Al Jazeera International. Amy Goodman interviewed him recently on DemocracyNow!.)



Thursday, June 21, 2007

Ah, the mind of a Michael Savage listener...

From the Stephanie Miller Show, a Michael Savage listener and Freeper-type lunatic calls in to CSPAN...

(I want to see the video of this -- because there's NO WAY he could read that whole thing with a straight face.)

Yes, these people really do exist.

{ longer clip of the segment here }



Wednesday, June 20, 2007

"Foreign Fighters" : Liebermann vs. Iran

audio (Sam Seder show

What can you say -- it's truly sad when "Charlie in Austin Texas" knows more about Islam and about the nations we're trying to take over than our "distinguished" senators. (Mind you, I'm giving Lieberman the benefit of the doubt here: if he's not ignorant, then he's just a bald-faced liar and a conscious warmonger.)

Those "foreigners" in Iran! Always trying to interfere with stuff that's none of their business -- like, for example, the countries bordering them. Hey, Iran: GET OFF OUR TURF!

Now, at the risk of stating the obvious, the government that was elected in Iraq (which we helped put in power, and now consider our allies and are supporting against an insurgency) are Shia, and are ALLIED with Iran. This was predictable (and indeed predicted) before the elections.

Iraqi Shiite with ties to Iran gains top billing (December 16, 2004)

On the eve of his meeting with Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamanei – a rare honor for a visiting dignitary – Prime Minister Maliki called the Islamic Republic of Iran “a good friend and brother.”

Al Maliki and al-Jaafari have long belonged to the Islamic Dawa and/or SCIRI parties, both with mutual support from Iran. SCIRI is also the largest party in the Iraqi Council of Representatives. SCIRI ("Supreme Council for the Islamic Revolution in Iraq) was founded and based in Iran; and both Al Maliki and al-Jaafari lived in exile in Iran for many years.

(Iran? What?? What do THEY know about Iraq? Oh, that's right! Several million Iraqi exiles live there! Why did all those Iraqis flee to Iran, anyway? Oh yeah! Because they were brutally repressed and slaughtered by Saddam first when we supported our boy in Bahghdad in his war against Iran, and then after trying to overthrow Saddam, at our behest, in 1991! Oops, forgot about that.... But, that's neither here nor there.)

The insurgents who are blowing themselves up and attacking U.S. and "Iraqi Forces" are mostly Sunni extremists who hate the Shia and nationalists who hate the occupation of their country. (There are also large numbers of Shias who resent all these exiles coming back and taking over the country after living safely abroad all these years [what we might call "carpet-baggers"] -- but that's another story.) The very notion that Iran would be aiding the insurgents is so preposterous that it doesn't actually warrant comment.

But alas, facts and history don't matter: we're the U.S. of Motherfuckin A, come across the Atlantic to put ya'll foreigners in your place! You so-called "Iraqi neighbors" better mind your own fuckin bizness and stay out of our country -- I mean to say, um, er, the Iraqis' country...)

Where did all this Iran rubbish COME from, anyway? First it was "We've gotta get rid of Al Qaeda -- let's attack the one nation in the region that has no established ties with them!" There, got rid of one of Bin Laden's sworn enemies, Saddam Hussein -- who had proceeded to replace Bin Laden as the greatest threat to mankind since Hitler, of course. Now what? Who's next in the Enemy Of The Month Club? I know! Better attack the nation in which Saddam was more despised than in any other (with the possible exception of Kuwait -- although I think Iran would indeed win the "hatred of Saddam" contest). The country that fought against Saddam for almost 10 years. You know, the country that's strongly allied with the current government that we helped establish in Iraq! Yeah! That sounds reasonable!

If Iran is supporting any militias in Iraq, it would be the Shia death squads who go around "in police uniforms" (cause, you know, we can't come out and say that they ARE THE BLOODY POLICE), round up suspected insurgents or other suspicious-looking Sunnis, torture them to death with electric drills and then drop the bodies in the Tigris or in a sewage ditch on the outskirts of Baghdad. That is to say, the same death squads that WE are supporting.

I just... I... Um... But... Wait, but... Isn't... Aren't..... They don't...... Uhhhhh... Hold on, uhh... You're not..... Ummmmmmmmmm............ THIS IS FUCKING INSANTIY!!

But, the, you know: black is white, and up is down, and we've always been at war with Eurasia. Which is indeed Doubleplusgood.

I swear to christ, when I listen to these lunatics like Lieberman, I can only conclude that one of us has literally lost his mind. I hope it's me, because I think people in positions of power should be somewhat sane.


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