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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Lady MacClinton

O.K. Earlier today I was excited about the Obama rally here in the Twin Cities (though I didn't make it), about the end to this bitter primary race after reading several news reports about how Hillary [ FINALLY ] was going to concede. I even said to my wife eariler this evening, "despite everything, I actually think a Barack/Hillary ticket would be pretty cool..."

And now? Five hours later?...

I'm so pissed off right now that this post will absolutely be nothing but a rant.

So, without further ado, ... /begin rant/........

"I will be making no decisions tonight"?

"Go to my site and share your thoughts with me"???

What a sick joke.


Ah, a lovely form! : "I'm with you Hillary, and I am proud of everything we are fighting for." Put your name in, put in your comments ( "(optional)" ), and click submit. After which ( naturally ), your name will be added to the dynamically displayed list of names of "supporters."


Here's what I think, Lady McClinton:

What I think is you should be thinking about the future of the country and of the Democratic Party ( not to mention the world ) -- not just about yourself.

What I think is you should not have merely congratulated Obama for "having run a great campaign." What I think is you should have conceded and congratulated Barack for having WON the Democratic nomination, and pledged your fervent support for his candidacy. What possible reason could you have for not doing so?? ( Or, I should say, what possible reason that is not PURELY selfish, self-serving, arrogant and destructive? )

What I think is that when those rabid dogs in your audience were ranting and raving at you and chanting "Denver, Denver, Denver....," rather than basking in their rabid adoration for you, you should have quieted them and said, "No, now, I appreciate that, but we're not going to take this all the way to the convention..." Etc.

What I think is you should have vehemently denounced any and all of your supporters -- and they appear to be legion -- who have vowed to vote for McCain if Obama is the nominee. And to any of those "white" supporters you're so proud of, you should have announced loudly and in no uncertain terms, "If you're supporting me because you don't want a 'darky' in the White House, I do not want your vote or your support, and I want nothing to do with you."

What I think is that you should have come out and admitted that you and Bill were close with Reverend Jeremiah Wright, and invited him to the White House during your, shall we say, "marital troubles"; and condemned the rabid insanity of the media that made this B.S. into an issue. You should have stood up for Wright and for Obama against the farcical and obscene media onslaught -- but you said nothing, and even encouraged this "story."

What I think is you should have fired Terry McCauliffe for telling FOX News that they were indeed truly "Fair and Balanced" and congratulating them for being the first to call the race for you. (And, of course, for generally being a lunatic who kept insisting that you would win -- no matter what the reality.)

What I think is you should not have lied -- outright lied -- that is when you were not busy merely spinning and twisting the truth beyond all recognition -- over and over and over again -- about being in the lead in this race, and thus brainwashing your supporters into believing this, and believing that somehow this race was being "stolen" from you.

What I think is you should have come out and acknowledged that the rules of the party were rules that YOU FUCKING AGREED UPON before the fact, and that whether or not you cheated by campaigning in Florida, the results had to be thrown out because THOSE WERE THE AGREED-UPON FUCKING RULES.

What I think is that you should have come out and humbly apologized for all the hateful, deceptive, and disgusting attacks against Obama throughout this absurd campaign. For repeatedly implying, and often saying outright, that McCain would be a better president than Obama. For lying about Obama having made secret statements about NAFTA -- a trade agreement that YOUR FUCKING GODDAM HUSBAND pushed through in any case. For dismissing every state that Obama won with utter contempt -- as "latte-drinking liberals," as unimportant because it was just blacks voting for a black guy, etc.....

Rather than uniting the party, she selfishly chose to divide it further.


I really could go on and on and on -- perhaps I should not...

Instead, a couple quotes/comments with which I agree wholeheartedly:


Hillary has gone through this campaign with an air of entitlement. Her divisive

politics have pillaged the Democratic party and divided what should be a united

front against the Republicans in November. She has blown millions of dollars

from both of their war chests only to further fracture what should have been a

sure Democratic win in November for her own selfish, power hungry ends. She

should bow out and never show her face in the Democratic Party again for making

McCain's job far easier. If McCain wins, Hillary is to blame 100%.

"She wasted the moment." -- Arianna Huffington

"What she's saying is, I've got these 18 million people behind me, and you've

gotta bargain with me if you want their support and if you want to win."

She has no right -- ZERO, NONE -- to expect anything from Obama. The fact that -- even now -- she is essentially trying to bully, harass and blackmail him into offering her the VP spot is repugnant.

But HILLARY SUPPORTERS saying they will either NOT VOTE or even VOTE FOR JOHN MCCAIN if Obama is the Democratic nominee???!!!! Fuck these ass holes. A bunch of goddam petulant children.

If ANYONE has a right to be super pissed off and angry and to even SUGGEST that they will either not vote or will vote for the other party in November, it's OBAMA SUPPORTERS if she somehow manages to get the nomination -- and anyone who can't see that fact is a fucking brainwashed idiot who clearly has the mental capacity of a small child and therefore should not be given the right to vote because your behavior and emotional intelligence is not that of an adult.

Sorry, Hillary, but you fucking blew it.


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