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Friday, April 29, 2005

This is so weird, I'm doing my first entry and Ungie's name is already on it..


I'm going to leave it there, just so everyone can see that, in fact, Ungeziefer is not a man, but an evil multi-national conglomerate forcing child laborers in Indonesia to pump out political thought on his corporate Blog of greed...

And yes, I did enjoy a frosty beer this evening.

In all seriousness, though, I'm doing my first official "all growed up" post here on the little blog of political death. I'm sure I know how many folks (the site's author/creator, for instance) are going to come down on this issue, but I'm raising it more for discussion purposes than actual debate. It's the (in)famous separation of Church and State argument. Or, as I like to call it "Is there a God and are you going to make me believe whatever you answer whether I want to or not."

For the record: I do believe there is a God (take that, Sinners!) and I tend to think that some of the current attempts to sanitize culture and government (however peripherally) of any references to religion or God are frankly laughable. If nothing else it does fly into the face of historical reality that faith (while not the cornerstone of our country as some would have it) did play a significant part in its development. So, here is the topic of discussion:
Where, when and how should the government recognize (and I feel obligated to point out that anyone who equivocates "recognize" with "advocates" should be slapped repeatedly with a very large herring...) the role of religion--any religion, not just Judeo-Christianity--in statements, public buildings, schools, tax forms, whatever.

Discuss now, for it is what Joe commands!

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