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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Bush Flops in Prime-time

Bush Flops in Prime-time :

"Bush had his work cut out for him last night. He had to articulate a clear strategy for resolving the current firestorm in Iraq. He failed to do that; relying instead on demagoguery and the frayed imagery of a global war on terror. The American people deserve better.

He produced no plan, no strategy, and no vision; just a continuation of the same trends; the steady erosion of national confidence, a precipitous decline in credibility, and the daily loss of life.

Death by a thousand cuts.

Already, the polls have signaled what we all should have anticipated. Democrats and liberals didn't watch the speech; they've had it with the Dear Leader. All Bush had to do was win over 'the faithful'; the Republicans and conservatives who still want to believe in him, but are waiting for a straight answer.

They didn't get one last night."


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