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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Another scandal . . . for CLINTON!

FOXNews.com - Politics - Documents Show State Department Warned Clinton About Bin Laden

"[Administration officials] were very well aware of bin Laden and they were also well aware that Al Qaeda may use commercial airliners as weapons," in the late 1990s, said Patterson, the author of "Dereliction of Duty." But "it was always treated as a law enforcement issue," he added.

"I think President Clinton really failed to grasp the threat ...President Clinton met with Monica Lewinksy many more times than with his FBI or CIA director."

O.K. So, let me get this straight. Clinton administration officials were "very well aware . . . that Al Qaeda may use commercial airliners as weapons," but Bush, Cheney, Condi, et. al., were completely unaware of this?

FOX "News" has just given a GREAT deal of weight to any conspiracy theorists out there who believe that the government deliberately let 9/11 happen.

Way to go, FOX News!

(By the way, how many times did Bush meet with Richard Clarke? Hmmm . . . Well, he wasn't getting a blowjob, so was he just masturbating, like a good Christian, or what? . . .)

I have never remarked on this, but since this bullshit is still being spewed by the right, I want to remind everyone: do you remember how Clinton was accused of a "Wag The Dog" scheme every time he engaged in a foreign war? (Obvioiusly, he wanted to kill a lot of people, in order to distract from his sexual behavior -- which, of course, was far more immoral and damaging to the nation than was a war.)

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