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Friday, October 28, 2005

Nixon's special counsel debunks Plame case

This amuses me. "Let's debunk this whole so-called 'scandal' by relying on Nixon's special counsel." The argument is basically, "So what? I did that. Everybody does that." You hear this a lot from the right, and can learn a great deal by listening to what they ADMIT -- usually in the context of, "So what? Clinton did that, too."

This is much like their relying on Oliver North, a convicted liar/perjurer and "terrorist" by any meaningful definition, to comment on the "war on terror." Are they just having fun? Laughing at their viewers, while knowing full well that they are but a self-parody? . . .

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{ from "Media Matters" }

Well, I just read that Scooter was indicted -- on the "minor" charges of perjury and obstruction of justice. I can't wait to hear all the Republicans and right-wingers, who made impeaching Clinton for lying about sex their personal mission, start yapping about how perjury is no big deal. (They've already been doing it . . .)


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