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Saturday, December 24, 2005

Democracy in action

. . . From "Operation Iraqi Freedom" to "Shock and Awe" to "Operation Iron Hammer" to "Operation Steel Curtain" . . . Etc. Etc. Etc. (What's next? "Operation Desert Bloodbath"?)

"Let Bush see how he created a generation that hates the Americans." -- 45-year-old Iraqi, fleeing air strikes in Husaybah with his family on foot

The -- what, third? fourth? -- sham election has taken place, and once again millions of Iraqis have risked life and limb to make the potentially deadly trek to the polls on foot. Now that the elections have taken place, the U.S. military occupation will end, no doubt.

Meanwhile, what's been going on for past two months? The usual: subjugation and brutality:

U.S. Airstrikes Take Toll on Civilians: Eyewitnesses Cite Scores Killed in Marine Offensive in Western Iraq

Behind the Steel Curtain: The Real Face of the Occupation
Dirty Means, Genocide and Mass Destruction; Dedicated to the UN, UNSC and the Intel Society

“Steel curtain” in Iraq—another US war crime

Operation “Steel Curtain”

It's hilarious (by which I mean, "it makes me so bewildered and angry I want to vomit") that serious news agencies like CNN and The Washington Post take seriously the military's claims that they can carry out air strikes on cities and not kill scores of innocent people. The military, of course, knows this is bullshit; but the media can be trusted to repeat this sick, absurd propaganda, regardless of whether it's absurd on its face. (A fucking child knows that if you drop bombs on a town you're gonna kills lots of people. That's the level of self-delusion -- regression to a child-like state of faith in a fantasy dream world -- many Americans have brought themselves down to.)

The only plausible rationale for these tactics (assuming, for the sake of argument, that's there's rationality taking place, here) is that "we must show them that they'd better kill any insurgents they see, or else they'll be bombed for having happened to be near the insurgents." Of course, it's just as likely (probably moreso) that this will simply create many more insurgents (and sympahtizers); and that residents will do their utmost to hide the insurgents so that U.S. forces cannot detect and bomb them.

It's no wonder the U.S. military is having to pay Iraqi news outlets tons of money to print fake planted good news stories. What's hilarious (see previous definition) is that they actually believe this is going to have any fucking effect whatsoever. Like the Iraqis who see and hear -- who live -- this nightmare every single day are going to read in the paper about how the U.S. military is painting a school house (you know, that one over there that's not bombed into rubble) and suddenly think, "hey, maybe this occupation isn't so bad after all! This is great news written here!"


Happy Birthday, Jesus. (You might wanna come back down and crucify yourself again, if this keeps up. Whatta ya say?)

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