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Friday, June 09, 2006

Zarqawi: Rest In Pieces

My sentiments can be summed up by a commenter on DailyKos:

"I hate Bush, I hate this war -- and I hate Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, a fucking animal whose death is only lamentable to the extent that it wasn't slow and painful."

He was found near Baqouba. Hmm . . .

Baqouba has in recent weeks seen a spike in sectarian violence, including the discovery of 17 severed heads in fruit boxes.

We should place Zarqawi's head on a pike and leave it in the sun to rot and be picked at by birds.

Having said that . . .

Some questions (for the conspiratorial-minded -- or even just the inquisitive):

1. If they knew exactly where he was, why didn't they capture him? I'm serious about this -- if he's the "mastermind" behind the entire insurgency in Iraq, as everyone keeps saying, wouldn't they want to torture him a little bit and get some information? (Who knows -- maybe they drank their own Kool Aid, and actually believed that if they just killed this one guy, all the violence would go away.)

2. Does he indeed have a false limb? I cannot seem to find any pictures of Zarqawi's body -- alive or dead. Which, at this moment, seems very odd indeed. Maybe I'm just not searching well enough -- someone help me out.

3. Do we need better bombs? (Two 500-pound bombs only leave a few scrapes? -- not heavy enough, I guess)

4. Who obtained his DNA, and when? "Biological samples from his body also were delivered to an FBI crime laboratory in Virginia for DNA testing. The results were expected in three days." I guess he was imprisoned in Jordan -- do they keep DNA samples of everybody, or what?


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