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Friday, August 03, 2007

Fuck it: I'm with Barack all the way

(And, yes, Hillary's been pissing me off, and I do think she would end up being "Bush Light.")

What about Kucinich? What about Gravel? What about Edwards?

Oh, you mean aside from their baggage and the media's conspiracy against them?

I'm too cynical at this point. The system is rigged, and the underdog is fucked. We need to just be glad that someone who would usually be the underdog is actually one of the two front-runners, and put all our weight behind that person.

I realize it's an underwhelming, mundane and conventional decision: be that as it may: I say "Obama '08!" (both as an endorsement, and a prediction).

Lastly (on the 'Obama vs. Hillary' bit): Robert Scheer (as always) brings things back to reality on 'Left, Right & Center' :

Tony Blankley: "Hillary has no experience..."
(mp3, 1.1MB)


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