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Saturday, January 31, 2004

Dean FINALLY acknowledging that Kucinich opposed the war. WHAT TOOK HIM SO BLOODY LONG???

After running ads that were, as I understand the term, libelous (claiming he was the only candidate who opposed the war from the beginning, which is a deliberately false statement, deliberately damaging Kucinich's campaign), Dean finally has started to acknowledge Kucinich as his fellow anti-war candidate. Unfortunately, it seems to me that he's only doing this now because, after the Iowa caucus and the New Hampshire primary, it's pretty clear that he doesn't have to worry about competing with Kucinich anymore.


On Saturday, Dec. 27, the Concord Monitor in Concord, NH, noted: "Dean recently mailed brochures to homes in New Hampshire with a headline stating that Dean is the only candidate who 'opposed the war from the start.'"

Here is an image taken from the brochure, which the Dean campaign has mailed to people in New Hampshire and other states:


It's hard to believe that Dean supporters would stand for this kind of misrepresentation.  We won't stand for it.


1.--Contact all of your friends who are Dean supporters.

2.--Contact the media and ask them why they are not asking Dean about his misrepresentation. Remember to be polite and keep to the point.  Make each communication unique. No form letters.

Here are Email addresses for letters to the editor:

Here are phone numbers for talk shows:

Here are a few key places to contact:

New York Times News Desk phone 212-556-7356, fax 212-556-7614,
Email national@nytimes.com

Los Angeles Times News Desk phone 213-237-7001, fax: 213-237-4712.

Washington Post Political Desk phone 202-334-7410, fax 202-334-3883.

USA Today News Desk phone 703-854-7121, fax 703-854-2078.


As you all know so well, Dennis Kucinich led the effort against the war in the House of Representatives, is the only candidate who voted against the war, is the only candidate who consistently opposed the war from the beginning and continues to oppose it now, and is the only candidate with an exit strategy. His "Prayer for America" speech against the buildup to war in February 2002 catalyzed this campaign. Rev. Al Sharpton and Ambassador Carol Mosley-Braun also opposed the war.

The war is not over. Soldiers are dying every day. And Dean would like to continue the military occupation of Iraq for "a few years," as he said in the debate on December 9th. Dennis is campaigning on his record of opposition to the war and his plan to end it in 90 days.
Dean's flyer and mass mailing effectively calls Dennis a liar. People have begun asking Dennis whether he really opposed the war. Dean knows the truth. After we complained in October about his similar misrepresentations in TV ads in New Hampshire, he acknowledged Dennis' leadership against the war at an AFL-CIO forum and stopped running the ads. He later acknowledged Dennis' courage on this issue during a national debate. And yet he continues to use a flyer that says "Only Dean Opposed the War from the Start."

If Dr. Dean chooses to gloss over the inconsistencies of the positions he took during the first stage of this war, that's his business. But when he denies Dennis's record, that becomes our business, and
it ought to be the business of the media. Dean is misrepresenting a material fact, and doing so despite his demonstrated knowledge of the truth. It is the media's responsibility to find out why he is doing this. The public has a right to know.

Here is information on who opposed the war when:

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