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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

A Thought, on Drawing the Line in Governmentalized Health Care.

Governmentalized Health Care (often called "Socialized" Health Care). Where does one draw the line?

(Please note that I am employed in the health care industry [as a health care provider, though, not sales] so keep my bias in mind.)

Ungeziefer and I were discussing Governmentalized Health Care today, with me mostly against and he mostly for. We discussed the monetary incentives (and often evil tendencies) of the current corporate competitive system. What we missed, I believe, is, “where does the line fall on what would be covered under a federally run health care system?” Which diseases are covered? Where do you draw the line?

Many diseases are (or can be) caused directly by the actions of the inflicted individual. Are they covered? Who decides? Can you decide?

For example, is cancer covered? Most people would immediately say “yes.” I would tend to agree. Now, is melanoma (skin cancer) covered? It's often caused by too much sun-tanning, which is a personal choice. Covered?

How about AIDS? Covered? Herpes? Syphilis? These are often caused by sexual promiscuity, which can be considered a personal choice.

How about emphysema or lung cancer, often caused by smoking (sorry, Ungeziefer, but I have to cover all of the bases)? Covered?

How about obesity and diabetes, and the multitude of related cardiac problems, often caused by simple overeating. Covered?

Now, the fun ones. Those of you who think that the above conditions should be covered, even though they can be caused by personal choices, consider the next situations.

How about balding? Is it a disease? It can be cured, sometimes, through drugs or hair restoration surgery. It's not due to personal choices. Covered?

Mole removal? Covered?

Breast augmentation? It's certainly a medical procedure. Should it be covered by a governmentalized health care plan? If not, why not? Just because it's a personal choice?

Perhaps because it's not a matter of life and death? What about ingrown toenails? Covered? Dental cavities? A nail through the thumb?

Finally, who do we want to make these decisions? The “government?”

How about the current government? Would they cover abortions? No. Too much money shoved up the ass? Yes. Liberals? Yes. Well, not liberals, as such, but liberalism. I'd wager they'd implement a “cure” of some sort.

So, where do you draw the line on covered health care when the government is involved? Isn't it better to have some competition in the industry, allowing different doctors or health care organizations to provide different services, for different prices as dictated by demand?


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