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Monday, October 31, 2005

Joseph Wilson - from the horse's mouth

Rather than address all the right-wing spin about Joe Wilson, I'm just going to say: please listen to this interview with Wilson on the Ed Schultz show (it's not new, it's from July 18). I think it addresses and debunks pretty much all the idiotic talking points (Joe Wilson is a liar, he was not sent by the Bush administration, his wife wasn't even a covert agent, everybody already knew Plame was a CIA op, his report was wrong, he wasn't qualified, etc. etc. etc.) -- which of course people keep repeating nevertheless. Actually, that is what really struck me when listening to it today; I cannot believe these lying swine are STILL spewing this garbage months later. (It reminds me a great deal of the "Swift Boat Vets For Truth" lying smear campaign.) The adage again proves true: you just keep repeating lies long and loud enough, and eventually they become the truth . . .

Joe Wilson interview - part 1 (9 min., 3.3 MB)

Joe Wilson interview - part 2 (6 min., 2 MB)

Joe Wilson interview - part 3 (4 min., 1.4 MB)

Joe Wilson interview - part 4 (12 min., 4.3 MB)

Joe Wilson interview - part 5 (6 min., 2 MB)


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