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Thursday, November 10, 2005

"Democratic Politics at Work in Iraq"; or, "Liar, Embezzler, and All-Around Scoundrel Honored"

AEI - Events

I was just watching CSPAN briefly, and lo and behold, who is speaking at the American Enterprise Institute but good ol' Ahmad Chalabi. (Couldn't find it on the CSPAN web site, for some reason, but there should be video of it.) Guess the outlaw and CIA asset Chalabi is back in the loop in Washington. Dick Durbin had a few not-so-kind words about this.

He did face some fairly tough questions at the AEI -- about his lying on WMD, the current investigations, allegations of spying for Iran, etc. Judging by the way he evaded them all, he would make a good (that is to say, bad) politician.

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