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Saturday, November 05, 2005

Is That Legal?: That Was Now, This Is Then

Is That Legal?: That Was Now, This Is Then

"Tomorrow may bring indictments of Karl Rove and Scooter Libby on charges that can charitably be described as trivial. Tonight, one of our readers urged us to link to President Bush's great speech to the Joint Armed Forces Officers' Wives' group rather than being distracted by the minutiae of the day. Good suggestion."

John Hinderaker, October 25, 2005

"Like many others, we have been frustrated by the apparent inability of much of the American public to take the Clinton scandals seriously. "It's not about sex," we have patiently repeated to our benighted friends. "It's about perjury. It's about obstruction of justice. The sex is only incidental. At most it was the motive for the crimes. You wouldn't think murder was unimportant just because the motive for the murder was sex, would you?" So goes our argument."

John Hinderaker, December 17, 1998

Dr. BioBrain makes a good point:

Do you think it's stuff like this why Powerline doesn't have a comments section on their posts? I mean, even a nutcase jerkoff like Hindrocket would have a hard time not crawling back into his decrepit excuse for a ballsack after reading a dozen or so pastings of that 1998 quote in his own comments section.

Hell, that could conceivably be enough to convince a few of his braindead readers to awaken from their slumber and ask "Yeah, what about that, Hindrocket? Was this just partisan hypocrisy, or was it really just about the sex?"

I don't trust, or read, any blog that does not allow you to comment. I was very interested in PowerLine blog (he's a Minnesota guy, and seemingly someone intelligent who could debate), until the comments section went away. I emailed Hinderaker about this, actually; and he basically just said "people argue too much on there." In other words, he's a fucking coward who likes to dogmatically spout lies, or one-sided half-truths at best, while precluding any debate/discussion about anything. So much for his love of "democracy." (He claims that if you email him your opinions, he'll consider posting them -- yeah, like I'm going to write an essay to try to impress him on the off-chance that he might find one my statements worthy of appearing on his magnificent blog.)

Same thing with FreeRepublic.com. I posted several comments on there, and was instantly labeled a "troll," banned from the site, and all my comments were deleted -- simply because if you don't drink the Kool Aid and mindlessly repeat the same right-wing bullshit, they can't take it. They really should change their domain to "EnslavedFascistState.com".

(To be fair, I'm sure there are left-wing blogs that do the same thing [I just haven't been kicked off any], and those earn my condemnation equally.)

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