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Friday, February 03, 2006

Quote of the week

''He's a person who was elected legally -- just as Adolf Hitler was elected legally."

--Donald Rumsfeld, speaking about Hugo Chavez

(He also said that elections like those of Evo Morales in Bolivia are "clearly worrisome.")

Just in case there was any doubt that this lying hypocritical government despises democracy and always has. Doesn't leave much doubt, either, that the U.S. government was indeed behind the attempted coup plot against Chavez.

"We saw dictatorships there [in Latin America]," Rumsfeld says. "Saw"?? How about "supported, trained, armed and funded"? Any Reaganite talking about "democracy" should simply be drowned out with angry laughter -- but, alas, this is America. We listen with a straight face.


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