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Friday, June 23, 2006

Jesus, I hate these bastards

GOP-Run Senate Kills Minimum Wage Increase

After voting themselves a pay raise for the ninth year in a row, these Republican fat cat special-interest-lobby-controlled greedy corporate whores blocked an EXTREMELY modest increase in the minimum wage -- which would have been the first increase in nearly a decade.

As far as I'm concerned, they're simply criminals, and should be dealt with accordingly. Beyond that, I don't even know what the fuck to say.

O.K.: I'll say one thing:

For all those brain-dead talking-point-repeating Republican propagandist pieces of excrement out there who constantly parrot the lie that "Democrats don't have any ideas," here's a simple one for you:

Pass a law linking the lowest pay scale to the highest. That is, the CEO (or whoever is paid the most) in any company cannot make more than (for example) 10x what the lowest-paid employee in that company earns. Lest I be labeled a "Socialist" for this proposal, let's make it EVEN LESS equal/fair/democratic: 100X! So if the lowest-paid employee makes $5.15 an hour (the minimum wage), the highest-paid employee (or employER), cannot make more than $515.00 AN HOUR. (Approximately $1,070,000 per year.) If the CEO's want to earn more, they can; all they have to do is raise the pay scale of all their employees accordingly. (In short, when they get a raise, everyone else in the company gets one too.) Does this not seem more than reasonable? Would not the VAST majority of Americans STRONGLY support such a law -- probably even demand that it does not go far enough, that those at the top should in fact earn far LESS? You bet your filthy ass they would.

So why is no one proposing such a thing? Where are these alleged "far-left" Democrats? (Hint: they don't exist.)

And why isn't anyone in this so-called "liberal" media suggesting such a thing (for example, when interviewing lawmakers)? (Hint: ibid.)

While we're at it, I guess we'll have to pass a similar law linking the minimum wage with lawmakers' salaries, but of course they're clearly too corrupt to propose such a bill.

Ahhhh, freedom. I hope Iraq establishes an Oligarchy as lovely as ours.

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