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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Not again . . .

Hear Us Now:

It appears as though the FCC might once again be considering relaxing media ownership rules. [*vomit*]

My comments:

The fact that the FCC, or any of our representatives in government, is even considering relaxing media ownership guidelines is absolutely appalling and reprehensible. It would be a move in the exact opposite direction from what is needed -- which is stronger, and strongly enforced, anti-trust laws, to break up the current media monopolies.

When a few companies own everything, and the government works hand-in-hand with these massive corporations to help them consolidate even further, our system has essentially become -- in the original sense of the term -- a fascist one: "the merger of state and corporate power" (Mussolini). The only thing worse might be (speaking of Italy) if the leader of the country personally owned most of the media.

The current media situation is a perfect illustration of why unfettered capitalism is antithetical to the ideals not only of democracy but of "free markets" -- which can bring about increased liberty only if competition and choice are increased. We must remember that capitalism is not inherently good in and of itself; it is good only to the extent that it serves to maximize [perfect] LIBERTY.

With every merger or buy-out, the markets become less free and fair. When companies, rather than competing, simply purchase (and thus eliminate) their competition, growing larger and more powerful every year, we have no "free market system" any longer.

The most telling proof (as if proof were lacking) that this media consolidation is dangerous and damaging to public awareness, is the very simple fact that the media themselves do not report this important story! They know that no amount of propaganda is going to succeed on this issue, because virtually everyone -- from all walks of life and every political stripe -- is against further media consolidation. Therefore they conceal the facts. Our government leaders do the same, and rules and regulations are passed behind closed doors and with as little public input or oversight as possible, meeting with industry lobbyists rather than the people who TRULY OWN the airwaves and who grant these corporations the priviledge to exist in exchange for providing a PUBLIC SERVICE.

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