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Friday, February 13, 2004

Just a reminder of who the anti-war candidate is . . .

I know everyone hates internal bickering within the Democratic Party. But the fact remains that the best man is not going to win . . .

Finally, Howard Dean has recently decided to start acknowledging that Dennis Kucinich has always opposed the war (thanks, but a little late, Howard). Perhaps soon the media might decide to do the same--for the same reason that Dean is now willing to do so: namely, there's no longer any risk. There's nothing to lose, once it's clear that the self-fulfilling prophecy has fulfilled itself, and Dennis has not won the nomination.

And even Dean, if you've listened closely, is not really all that anti-war. (He is most certainly NOT the peace candidate.)

And in fact most of the other candidates (in fact, all of the "front-runners") have helped to echo the war drums by echoing the administrations WMD claims. (To be fair, really the most we can fault them with is believing the President of the United States; still, their credulity should give us pause . . .)

Anyway, for the record, Dennis has been saying all along that there has been no solid evidence that Iraq has had WMD's since 1998; and he, unlike Kerry and Edwards, voted against the war and has always strongly opposed it:

"Kucinich: 5 Dem Candidates Promoted WMD Claims -- 1/25/04

Please forward this to every Democrat you know.

Democratic Presidential Candidate Dennis Kucinich today said that based on the public record five of his fellow candidates promoted the idea that Iraq possessed weapons of mass destruction.

"The implications of this are enormous," Kucinich said. "They were either misled or looked the other way while President Bush was using the alleged presence of weapons of mass destruction as a reason to go to war against Iraq. Either way, these candidates have seriously undermined their ability to win in the general election when President Bush is obviously running for reelection based on his Iraq policies.

"Yesterday the leader of the U.S. search for Iraq's alleged stockpiles of chemical or biological weapons said he didn't think there were any. Secretary of State Colin Powell now claims we went to war to find out whether such weapons existed.

"Senators Kerry, Lieberman and Edwards, Dr. Dean, and General Clark, all claimed that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction, and, therefore, contributed to the political climate which falsely justified a war.

"In September of 2002, before five of my fellow candidates joined the President in claiming that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction, I repeatedly and insistently made the point that no proof of that claim existed and as such that there was no basis to go to war. Six months later, even Dr. Dean was still claiming that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. "

The Institute for Public Accuracy has compiled the following quotes, [listed in chronological order]:

[August 4, 2002] Sen. JOSEPH LIEBERMAN: "Every day Saddam remains in power with chemical weapons, biological weapons, and the development of nuclear weapons is a day of danger for the United States. " [See: <http://www.counterpunch.org/wmd05292003.html>, <http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,59538,00.html

[Sept. 12, 2002] Rep. DENNIS KUCINICH: "Since 1998 no credible intelligence has been brought forward which suggests that Iraq is manufacturing weapons of mass destruction. . . " [See: <http://www.house.gov/kucinich/press/pr-020912-avoidwar.htm>, <http://www.house.gov/apps/list/press/oh10_kucinich/030604WMDinqres.html

[Oct. 9, 2002] Sen. JOHN KERRY: "Why is Saddam Hussein attempting to develop nuclear weapons when most nations don't even try? & According to intelligence, Iraq has chemical and biological weapons . . . Iraq is developing unmanned aerial vehicles capable of delivering chemical and biological warfare agents. . . " [See: <http://www.commondreams.org/views03/0826-03.htm> <http://www.johnkerry.com/pressroom/speeches/spc_2002_1009.html >]

[Oct. 10, 2002] Sen. JOHN EDWARDS: "We know that he [Hussein] has chemical and biological weapons. " [See: <http://www.senate.gov/~edwards/statements/20021010_iraq.html

[Jan. 18, 2003] Gen. WESLEY CLARK: "He [Hussein] does have weapons of mass destruction. " When asked, "And you could say that categorically?" Clark responded: "Absolutely. " (on CNN, Jan. 18, 2003). On finding the alleged weapons Clark said: "I think they will be found. There's so much intelligence on this. " (on CNN, April 2, 2003) [See: <http://www.fair.org/press-releases/clark-antiwar.html>, <http://www.cnn.com/TRANSCRIPTS/0301/18/smn.05.html>, <http://www-cgi.cnn.com/TRANSCRIPTS/0304/02/lt.08.html

[Jan. 31, 2003] Rev. AL SHARPTON: "I think that the present administration is bent on war. There has been no, in my judgment, evidence presented there has been any weapons of mass destruction. " (on NPR, Jan. 31, 2003)

[March 17, 2003] Dr. HOWARD DEAN: "[He and others] have never been in doubt about the evil of Saddam Hussein or the necessity of removing his weapons of mass destruction. " [See: <http://www.wtv-zone.com/Morgaine_OFaery/HDean4pres/deantrpswar.html

Kucinich, who led the effort in the House of Representatives in challenging the Bush Administration's march toward war attempted repeatedly to warn America that there was no basis to go to war:

On Sep. 3, 2002, on The News Hour with Jim Lehrer, Dennis Kucinich said, "I don't think there's any justification to go to war with Iraq. There's no evidence that they have weapons of mass destruction. There's no. . . there's nothing that says that they have the ability to deliver such weapons, if they did have them. There's been no stated intention on their part to harm the United States. "

On Sep. 4, 2002, on Buchanan and Press, Buchanan asked "Congressman Kucinich, does not the President have a clear, factual point here? Saddam Hussein is developing these weapons of mass destruction, he agreed to get rid of them, he has not gotten rid of them. Kucinich replied: "Well, frankly we haven't seen evidence or proof of that, and furthermore we haven't seen evidence or proof that he has the ability to deliver such weapons if he has them, and finally, whether or not he has the intent. I think that what we need to be doing is to review this passion for war, that drumbeat for war, that's coming out of the White House, and to slow down and to let calmer heads prevail and to pursue diplomacy…. "

On Sep. 7, 2002, Dennis Kucinich gave a speech in Baraboo, Wisconsin, called "Architects of New Worlds," in which he said "There's no evidence Iraq has weapons of mass destruction, or the ability to deliver such weapons if it had them or the intention to do so. There is no reason for war against Iraq. Stop the drumbeat. Stop the war talk. Pull back from the abyss of unilateral action and preemptive strikes. " See: http://www.house.gov/kucinich/press/sp-020907-newworlds.htm

Please forward this to every Democrat you know.


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Dennis yesterday announced plans to create as President a full public
inquiry into why the Bush Administration made the claims it did about
weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. He asked the other Democratic
candidates to make the same commitment. Some of them may be reluctant
to do so, judging by the following transcript excerpts from today's
Democracy Now! Program:

JEREMY SCAHILL: Governor Dean, why did you say in March 2003 that
Saddam Hussein has weapons of mass destruction? Governor Dean? Why did you say --
HOWARD DEAN: I thought he did.
JEREMY SCAHILL: What intelligence did you base that on?
HOWARD DEAN: Talks with people who were knowledgeable, including a series
of folks that work in the Clinton administration.
JEREMY SCAHILL: Were you wrong?
HOWARD DEAN: Maybe. I don't know. Probably not the best time to talk about it.


AMY GOODDMAN: Senator Kerry -- quick question. You said that Saddam Hussein was
developing nuclear weapons when other nations wouldn't try. What intelligence
was that based on?
JOHN KERRY: I don't know what report -- I don't know what you are talking about.
AMY GOODDMAN: You said Saddam Hussein was developing nuclear weapons.
JOHN KERRY: When did I say that? I don't recall. I don't know.
AMY GOODDMAN: You said he was developing chemical and biological weapons.
JOHN KERRY: I never said he was developing nuclear. I believe I said --
AMY GOODDMAN: You said, why is Saddam Hussein attempting to develop nuclear weapons.
JOHN KERRY: Attempting to, because he did. He did attempt to.
AMY GOODDMAN: According to intelligence, Iraq has chemical and biological weapons.
JOHN KERRY: Say it again?
AMY GOODDMAN: You said according to intelligence, Iraq has biological and
chemical weapons.
JOHN KERRY: That's what we were told. Right.
AMY GOODDMAN: Is that intelligence wrong? Do you think Bush -- you made a
wrong statement, then? Because Kucinich at the time was saying no credible sources
were there, but you are saying --
JOHN KERRY: I'm sorry, we're going to have to do --
JEREMY SCAHILL: Amy was then told by Kerry's people to stop asking questions and
the press could ask them later. But when she asked if there would be an avail after
the event, press lingo for press availability, Kerry's staffers conceded that there
would be none. We persisted in our questioning of Kerry on this issue.
JEREMY SCAHILL: Senator Kerry, why did you say that Saddam Hussein had weapons of
mass destruction?
STAFFER: We have to get the Apollo crew in here.
JEREMY SCAHILL: Answer the question, senator Kerry. Why did you accuse Saddam of having
weapons of mass destruction?"




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