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Friday, April 30, 2004

First entry in new and (hopefully) improved Cadaver Politik blog

Well, much as I enjoyed the convenience of my iDisk (.mac) account and publishing with iBlog, I've caved in and purchased new (bigger and cheaper, what can I say) server space. (And, actually, iBlog was annoying me in several respects.) So everything will be moved (very soon--much of it already uploaded); including "ungeziefer.net" and all new sites: "platypusman.com," "mute-eunuchs.com," and "filmsfortheblind.com."

I've committed to the political side of things, too, and purchased "cadaverpolitik.com" (I know, I know: how many bloody DotComs does one person NEED, anyway??), and I'm excited to have this new blog available on a server that allows CGI scripts so that I can (once I figure out the coding stuff) enable others to post comments, which I think is far more important than just having my ramblings available for others to read.

So, instead of just gnashing your teeth and foaming at the mouth and spitting on the floor near you and cursing my date of birth, you may respond in words, and tell me in all CAPS what a scum-imbibing nostril licker I am. If you so choose.

Since the old blog is to be disposed of, I'll be posting all archived entries from the old .mac blog on here, so that you might read them at your leisure.

That is all. As you were.


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