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Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Fuck the South

Fuck the South

O.K., this is funnier than it ought to be, I must say. But amidst all the vulgarity, there's a pretty solid point being made.

Where I work we are often forced to listen to country music for a week or more on end. And, aside from the fact that the music itself makes me want to slice off both ears with a pair of rusty scissors, the message in the music is often equally grotesque. Yet I'm aware that, to many people, this type of music is part and parcel of the whole "family values" bullshit. It makes no sense, of course; but, well, there it is.

The bright side: at least we're not the "DixieCrats" anymore. I'll take "elitist" over racist self-righteous hypocritical homophobe any day.


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