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Monday, June 13, 2005

"As always, it boils down to the need for a Godly society."

Freezing Babies for Fun and Profit - (morality should guide science in stem cell controversy)

I've been rather masochistic today — earlier I had the great misfortune of watching "Celsius 41.11" — one of at least two "response" films attempting to debunk/discredit "Fahrenheit 9/11." While on some level I respect it, because it does at least acknowledge some of the most important criticisms of Bush (namely, "BUSH STOLE FLORIDA," BUSH DIDN'T DO ENOUGH TO STOP 9/11," "BUSH IS STEALING OUR CIVIL LIBERTIES," BUSH LIED ABOUT WMDs," AND "THE BUSH DOCTRINE INFLAMES ISLAMISTS"), as you might guess I was less than impressed with their supposed "debunking" of these criticisms. For the most part, the movie merely (surprise, surprise) bashes Clinton and John Kerry (almost half the film is devoted to showing how terrible and worthless Kerry is, for some reason), praises Bush, and openly advocates "American Exceptionalism," "Pre-emptive War" regardless of its legality or U.N. authorization, etc. It takes Michael Moore's comments out of context, of course, but more importantly It also commits the most vile and shameful of deliberate distortions: several times it shows images of dead people, which we are to presume were killed by Saddam; yet it never puts a date on the footage — not even the year. Why? Because it's all footage from a time when the U.S. strongly supported Saddam, armed him to the teeth and provided intelligence for gassing operations. As usual, they like talking about all the "mass graves," while ignoring the minor inconvenient fact that the U.S. bears a good deal of responsibility for the vast majority of those deaths — not only in Hallabja, but after the Gulf War when we authorized Saddam to put down the rebellions (which Bush Sr. had encouraged) by slaughtering the rebels en masse.

They can't believe some "liberals" like John Kerry thought the Nicaraguan Contras were bad. (For a refresher, here's a brief description of what these "pro-liberty and freedom and democracy and human rights" fellows supported and continue to be un-apologetic for:

Teaching Nicarague A Lesson

And, surprise surprise, they don't even touch on the fact that the Jihadists were our good pals during the Reagan Administration and earlier.


If you have any interest in watching it, I won't discourage you; but please, PLEASE don't give these schmucks your money by renting it. Instead, download it here:


(It's in the folder entitled "Pro-Bush Bullshit".)

Self-Flagellation Part II:

Came across a site called "freerepublic.com," run by a bunch of extreme right wing nut jobs, and ended up reading, in addition to the gem about stem cells linked above, a bunch of their comments on news stories. Dark, dark times, folks. If you think I'm being harsh with the label "right wing nut jobs," here's a sampling:

1. (Cheney-Bush '08)

(Sadly, I believe that if these people had their way, they would actually support getting rid of presidential term limits just so they could vote Bush into office for a 3rd term.)

2. The insurgency will persist as long as our dumb f*** congressmen give them reason to think we don't have the determination to defeat them. Congress can't do anything right at all other than line their scum bag pockets. The idea of them deciding war strategy is frightening.

(So much for the Constitution, the Balance of Powers, and indeed the whole notion of a "Free Republic" — which I would have presumed they'd appreciate??)

3. Reuters. 


(Even Reuters is part of the "elite liberal media establishment" to these fucking people!!)

4. The Iraqis have a unique way of dealing with captured insurgents, particularly the foreigners; when they're done extracting information from them they take them out to the desert and shoot them.

(You might think this is out of context or something, but I assure you this person is implying that this is a very grand thing to do. In other words, if we behave exactly like Saddam Hussein, then we're on the right track in winning this "war on terror." Apparently they don't see any irony, hypocrisy or self-contradiction here.)

5. (Concerning some Congresspeople finally starting to question how long we're going to be bogged down in Iraq:)

Congressmen are such whiners. . . . If we need to do anything, what we need to do is widen the war and take out Iran and Syria.

6. (Concerning a mosque to which people made long pilgrimmages, after it had been bombed on the second night of Ramadan:)

these so-called shrines should be used as M2 .50 cal target practice points

7. (Question Diversity)

Finally, here's a good article addressing the absurd fact that suspected terrorist are legally allowed to purchase guns.

And now, the immediate responses from the good folks at "FreeRebublic.com":

1. Gun grabber barf alert.

2. I suspect Congressman Moron is a terrorist. There. That should be enough to strip him of his rights.

3. Correction: Gun-grabber raving nut major league anti-Semite hits little black children for getting in his way barf alert.

What can I even say.

I'm going to go and counter-act my right wing propaganda quotient by watching "Brothers In Arms," which fortunately I rented at the same time as "Celsius 41.11".


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