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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

The Sane Republican Award goes to . . .


(Who would have thought?)

I will post audio and video clips of this [the NSA domestic spying hearing] soon. But for now, check out CSPAN. (You'll be surpirsed, trust me.)

There may just be hope for our country yet.

And hats off to Arlen Specter. (Despite the stupid bitch-fest spat with Kennedy about the mail during the Alito nomination -- though, incidentally, Specter was lying, just for the record. He's still O.K. in my book, at this point.)

The only question now is . . .

Given his lies and refusal to answer important questions, should Alberto Gonzalez have his testicles squeezed in a vice in order to extract the necessary information?

You decide . . .

(O.K., you're right -- that would be "torture," and we, of course, don't do that. So we'll just strip him naked and shackle him and place panties over his head and smear menstrual blood on his face and beat him and sodomize him a bit and make him masturbate on another prisoner while having his hands stomped on and then lock him up in solitary confinement for a couple of years in complete darkness with a bag over his head and conduct mock executions on him and starve him and water board him and sick vicious attack dogs at his testicles and freeze his toes off and pull him around on a leash and piss on him and drag him around by the hair, etc. (You know: just "degrading and inhumane," not "torture" for God's sake. This is America, after all.)

I think we can get him to talk . . .


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