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Saturday, July 08, 2006

The "History Channel" is a joke

Embarassed as I am to admit it, I've been watching a bit of T.V. today.

I did actually learn something quite fascinating on "Myth Busters": a few feet of water will protect you from even the most high-powered (50-cal) rifle. Although some smaller weapons (9-mm pistol, I think it was) will go through about 10 feet of water and still kill you, the larger high-velocity rounds basically disintegrate on impact with the water and sink in little pieces. (Seems to me there should be a military application here . . .)

But then I turned to the "History Channel" -- expecting to learn something about, like, you know, history and stuff.

Instead I got this:

1.) a "psychic" describing what REALLY happened at WACO -- by "sensing" and "feeling" it. And of course he "solved" the mysteries about who shot first (the Davidians), who started the fire (the Davidians), whether or not people were held there by Koresh against their will (they were), whether the Davidians actually WANTED to die (they did), etc. etc. If it could be taken at all seriously, it would have to be called crass government propaganda. (Also, the only people interviewed were FBI agents and pro-government spokespeople who repeated the official story.)

2.) a show about the Ten Commandments, in which every statement (including about the Israelites talking to God, and Him talking back) was taken for granted and described as fact. They didn't even bother to site a source, or say "according to such-and-such parable . . ."; simply said "this happened. And then this happened. ..." At that point I just became ill and had to shut it off.

I only ocassionally watch the "History Channel," but today just confirmed my earlier opinions -- which were based on: 1.) a show about the invasion of Panama (they actually mention at the beginning that Noriega was essentially a CIA operative throughout his entire dictatorship, but then quickly move on, and the rest of the hour-long feature is all about the bravery of the U.S. military and what a great and heroic mission it was, how sick and twisted Noriega was, etc.); 2.) a couple similar shows about Saddam Hussein; 3.) a show about the anti-Cuban terrorists in Florida -- who WERE actually referred to as "terrorists," at least, but the entire show maintained that that the FBI was doing its all to find and arrest these groups, without ever bothering to mention that most of these groups have been deliberately protected and given assylum by the U.S. government, which has also consistently refused any compensation to the victims or extradition of the terrorists who have been found. And then there's the constant faux-patriotic, pro-military, pro-war, weapon-worship on every edition of "Mail Call" and most editions of "Modern Marvels" . . .

A small sampling, granted, but, so far I'd have to say that the channel makes a mockery of the very concept of "history."

Guess that's why God gave us books.


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