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Friday, February 17, 2006

ShoutWire - Why is the USA resented around the world?

ShoutWire - Why is the USA resented around the world?


This section attempts to answer the question: why is the USA so frequently the victim of resentment around the world?

The USA government blames hatred of democracy and envy at the American way of life for this resentment. Many people in the USA and a majority around the world look towards USA foreign policy for the answers. Much of this policy, its history and consequences is under-reported by the American media.

The American people are generally a friendly, kindly and compassionate people. If they knew one tenth of what their governments get up to around the world and in their dealings with foreign governments and people, there would be an enormous outcry. For this reason much is hidden or obscurred. Since the terrible events on 11 September 2001, many Americans have taken to the internet to find out more about the world beyond their borders.

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Tables and Lists of USA Actions Since 1945

USA Backed Coups
Military coups and changes of government, planned, organised or backed by the USA. The reasons given (Communism, terrorism, drugs, fundamentalism) are compared with the actual reasons (oil, minerals, political influence, business interests, military bases).

USA Interventions
Military or political interventions, invasions, bombings, military aid, sanctions, and terrorist activity by the USA against countries and popular movements. As with coups, the reasons given for the interventions are usually very different from the actual reasons. Many of these actions remain secret for many years.

USA UN Vetos
In the United Nations (UN), there are five countries that can veto a UN resolution. These five are the permanent members of the Security Council: USA, UK, France, Russia, and China. The USA has used its veto more times than all the other countries put together. This is a list of UN resolutions vetoed by the USA. The record of the USA voting patterns is generally under reported in the Western media.

USA Companies
This is the involvement of USA owned companies in activities around the world. Often undemocratic regimes are favoured because of their harsh or non-existant labour laws, lax pollution controls, low taxations and lack of human rights.

USA Nuclear, Biological and Chemical
The USA military budget is higher than the combined total of the next fifteen countries. The USA possesses nuclear, biological and chemical weapons. This is a listing of their use and testing around the world.

USA Victims of Foreign Policy
Victims of terrorism who are American or Western are publicised around the world's media. Their lives are commemorated and their deaths mourned. This is a conservative estimation of the numbers of victims of USA foreign policy (direct and indirect). Most of these figues are available in the public domain but are not publicised.

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