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Friday, July 21, 2006

This is not "terrorism"???

"While Hezbollah's actions are deplorable, and as I've said Israel has a right to defend itself, the excessive use of force is to be condemned." -- Kofi Annan

5,818 Iraqi civilians killed in May and June alone, according to the most recent report issued by the United Nations mission in Iraq. 100 people per day are murdered.

"Perhaps the most gruesome story in that report is that of 12-year old Omar's. He had been kidnapped, and his family paid a $30,000 ransom, only to have Iraqi police find his body in a plastic bag. He had been sexually assaulted and hung with his own clothes." (CNN)

In Lebanon, The Dead Have To Wait

20,000 wounded in Lebanon:
“The dead are rotting in the rubble of smashed homes”

". . . . . . . . PARKED outside the small general hospital in Tyre is a badly refrigerated lorry container in which are stacked the bodies of 91 Lebanese civilians, 55 of them children.

The bodies have been placed inside black plastic rubbish bags and labelled in anticipation of the time, days or weeks from now, when their surviving relatives - if any - can come to collect them.
. . . . . . . ."

South Lebanon, Has Become A Killing Zone

Scores of Lebanese Civilians Buried in Tyre

Carpenters and volunteers were hard at work in the courtyard of Tyre’s state hospital today, busily constructing dozens of coffins for a mass burial for more than 80 Lebanese civilians who were killed in the 10-day-old Israeli bombing campaign.

Nearby, two trucks stood parked. For days, their motors have been running around the clock. They are refrigerator trucks, and since the hospital mortuary overflowed at the start of the Israeli bombing campaign, they have been used to store a growing cargo of corpses.

The hospital's director, Dr. Salman Zeynadin, says many of the victims died from serious burns, the results of Israeli air and artillery strikes in the villages and countryside around Tyre. With the situation still too dangerous to hold proper burials, Dr. Zeynadin ordered the temporary burial of the bodies in a mass grave.

Doctors in Tyre say since the fighting began, the city's hospitals have received more then 300 wounded and 102 dead.

Israeli jets have repeatedly bombed the road network in southern Lebanon. The road to Tyre snakes past demolished bridges and bombed gas stations. Cars have to skirt around huge craters in the road.

The town of Tyre itself is almost completely deserted. In the ancient port, several men sat next to idle fishing boats. George Atiya, a 48-year old carpenter, said his friends and neighbors have been receiving automated phone calls from the Israeli military, with warnings recorded in Arabic instructing them to evacuate all of Southern Lebanon.

Across town today, bulldozers dug two long trenches in an abandoned field. And in the afternoon, Lebanese army trucks loaded with coffins, backed into the pits.

One by one, soldiers dragged the boxes out and laid them on the ground. As they worked, Israeli warplanes began bombing a ridge just a few miles away.

Just before bulldozers finally filled in the pits, workers rushed in to add another coffin. It contained the body of a Lebanese woman killed in an Israeli air strike today. She was buried along with 81 others.

Day after day, Red Cross worker Sam Zheir has been bringing dead and wounded people in from the countryside. All of them, he said, were civilians. Many were buried today.

As the Israeli military bombs southern Lebanon, aircraft periodically drop leaflets over the countryside, instructing people in Arabic to evacuate the area and move north, for their own safety.

But leaving is dangerous. Two days ago, Zheir says he found a car full of fleeing civilians, which had been hit by an Israeli bomb."


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