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Monday, July 17, 2006

Where Am I? And What Am I Doing In This Hand Basket? . . .

My opinion: FUCK Hezbollah, they brought it on themselves -- and they obviously don't give a shit about the people of Lebanon, because Israel's reaction was predictable. But FUCK Israel for killing countless innocents who have nothing to do with Hezbollah and for destroying the civilian infrastructure of Lebanon rather than capturing/killing Hezbollah militants. If the logic is, "You kill one of us, we'll kill 100 of you," then Hezbollah will now (following Israel's logic) have to kill 1000 Israelis, and then Israel will kill 100,000 Lebanese . . . and there is no end to this insane escalation and pointless bloodbath.

Fortunately, the U.S. is leading the way to solving the crisis -- by 1.) vetoing a U.N. resolution calling for a ceasefire and for the captured Israelis to be released, and 2.) discouraging and postponing a UN intervention force.

"I am dismally aware of the extent to which the blood of Palestinians is not worth anything like the blood of Israelis, still less the blood of Westerners. A good case in point was on the BBC's Question Time when every single member of the panel knew the name of the Israeli occupation soldier 'kidnapped' by the resistance, and they felt they had to pay endless sympathies to his family.

I found myself screaming at the television: "Can any of you name a single Palestinian victim, just say in the last 12 days, when 24 Palestinians, mostly women and children were killed by Israel in bomb, shell and rocket attacks?" No one knows the names of these victims, no one describes the Palestinian leaders who were kidnapped and languish in Israeli dungeons. All were seized in exactly the same way as this Israeli solder was seized. This is a double standard that does not occur to most people, but is endlessly burrowing away in my mind." -- George Galloway
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